Roadtrip to MODX CCC

Roadtrip to MODX CCC

Let's go to Cologne!

When German MODX ambassadors have announced a Coding Convention meetup in Cologne, we knew that we have to be there. The event was kind of “hackaton” and MODX enthusiasts - mainly developers - across Europe arrived to have working weekend together and spend it by fixing bugs and extending functionalities of this versatile open source CMS. But mainly have fun and network with people. So we joined the event, book the hotel and we were good to go.

Our trip started in Prague that we all got together and went shopping. We needed to buy Mountain Dew for energy, and some beers for fun. Afterwards we had 7 hours of driving ahead of us to Cologne. In fact it took us a little longer as we had to stop fix a bug that we deployed last night. It might sound wild but the fact that we had good connection and most of us in the car know the project. At the end, it was easy to stop by parking lot and have first challenge to roll the deploy back on the roof of the car.

"Most expensive standing desk" -- @<a href="">devolute</a>

"Most expensive standing desk" -- @devolute

First day: Sightseeing, networking

We arrived to the destination in the afternoon, it was about around 3PM, so no traffic jams and everything went smoothly. We checked in to hotel and went for some sightseeing - we really wanted to see the Cologne Cathedral in the day light. And it was awesome! After that we went to the Inreti offices where we were warmly welcomed and discussed the weekend programme. Few welcome drinks and we could go the restaurant, more likely brewery. The whole MODX community was really good represented and it was really fun, we enjoyed the one-meter beers.

But we were really tired from the road trip so we went to bed early. Actually, we wanted to go in the bed early, but it wouldn’t be us to hack something. We had the Chromecast with us and wanted to stream Simpsons before we went to sleep. We had to connect it to the hotel TV, but it was blocked, so we had to unblock it, and then connect the Chromecast (the internet was connected by phone, then the tablet and then it started to work). It took us like 3 hours to get it working. So at the end we watch like 3 minutes of Simpsons and then fell to sleep.

Sightseeing with <a href="">The Boxer</a>, <a href="">Josef</a> and <a href="">Bart</a>

Sightseeing with The Boxer, Josef and Bart

Second day: Coding

Next morning we were really surprised that nobody set the alarm clock. From the nature being software developers, without the alarm we got up like at 10AM. And the event started at 9AM. So we were really late. We arrived to the Inreti offices and everything had already started. But we have known what we wanted to solve and we had a plan. And mainly The Boxer had few issues in his sleeve. We started to develop and it resulted in few pull requests to MODX core.

But afterwards we moved into room called later Czech Chamber with all of us coding new stuff and talking about the future of MODX. In the evening we were planning to do some fun outside, but most of the developers wanted to code. So we went to the bar only with Menno, the man behind Any Screen Size. Before midnight we arrived to the hotel and we had ready the set up from last night, so we could watch few episodes of Simpsons.

Czech Chamber (photo credits: @<a href="">bytethinker</a>)

Czech Chamber (photo credits: @bytethinker)

Last day: Going home

Next day, the last day, we didn’t oversleep. But wanted to get some “American” breakfast from Donkin’ Donuts. So we arrived late again, it was a last day and we helped with few bugs to solve and we have already knew that there is a long trip ahead of us. At 4PM we departed and drove home with awesome memories of the event.

Overall the trip was really fun, it was good to see all the MODX enthusiasts again and looking forward to next event like this. Maybe in Czech Republic? Thank you organizers for such a nice event and a lot of work that was put in. But hopefully this helped MODX and we could give some love back.

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