Almost 3000 Czech and Slovak sports & relaxation facilities in a user friendly map.

About the client

The MultiSport card is a leisure activity employee benefit. Its holders have free or discounted access to more than 2,700 relaxation and exercise facilities in 500 cities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Thousands of facilities in one easy-to-use web app

The original system was built to display a list of facilities & activities while the map was used mostly as an additional tool. Together with MultiSport, we have decided to reverse this logic based on user feedback and research - browsing now happens mainly on the map with a list of facilities & activities in the sidebar, which is also automatically updated when moving around the map or clicking the “My location” button.

Making browsing fun

Users can now browse directly on the map that displays nearby facilities marked by icons representing the category of the searched activity. Alternatively, they can browse in the sidebar with a slick list view of searched facilities available to MultiSport card owners.

The map has been updated with a new map layer from, new design of the map pins and a fully-fledged responsive design for mobile devices.

User interface tweaks

By using filters, users can browse the facilities that they are interested in. For example, only places with air conditioning or places that do not require an additional payment. If there are no available facilities in the city or town that the user searches for, the map automatically zooms out to display the nearest available facilities.

One of the main goals of the project was to automatically copy newly added facilities from MultiSport's central CRM system to the map. For this purpose, we have developed an import module that regularly adds new records and updates them to the existing map.

Automatic updates from the client's CRM system

Multiple countries, one administration

After the successful launch of the project in the Czech Republic, the client decided to extend the solution to the neighbouring Slovakia. Together with the MultiSport IT team, we designed a new application architecture so that it could run on multiple domains (.cz, .sk) while using one central administration. This solution allows MultiSport employees to easily manage data in a single system for multiple countries. At the same time, it represents a significant saving in development costs if the client decides to expand to other countries. Users can browse the facilities from both Czech and Slovak Republic, while the application is able to distinguish their ordering by domain and location of the user. (e.g. on the Czech map, Czech facilities are displayed ahead of the Slovakian ones)

"Cooperation with COEX s.r.o. has been running smoothly since the beginning. Due to their extensive experience, they helped us define what such map with a search engine should contain at the beginning of the project. The development process was fast and flexible at the same time. Regular meetings on the current state of development were a matter of course. There have been several minor or major modifications since the project was launched. All service went smoothly and everything is always solved quickly and with quality. I also consider monitoring to be very beneficial, thanks to which it is possible to monitor the load and immediately analyze the situation and react to it, so the user is not limited in any way.”

Tomáš Wohlmuth

IT & CRM Administrator at MultiSport

Launch of the the project

The launch of the new web application MultiSport for the Czech Republic and Slovakia took place in February 2020. Currently you can choose from a wide range of sports and relaxation activities.

on the map
in Czechia

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