Job ve škole

Job ve skole

Specialized advertising portal for schools and teachers

The first main idea of the project was to create a platform connecting supply and demand of jobs in the field of education. The aim was to create a job portal, covering a whole range of job opportunities for teachers, professionals and other related professions.

The concept of the project was created by TOP Priority - a company specializing in the field of education. They deal with consulting, grants and project management in education. TOP Priority noticed an arising need to change the way of looking for jobs in education.

Effective information sorting

While determining the basic needs of the project, we relied primarily on the experience and practice of our client, who inspired us to create solutions. First, we focused on the structure of the portal and location based advertisement. When designing a structure of categories and attributes, it was necessary to think about an intuitive environment for users, while providing the most relevant results possible.

During the preparation of the project, we also thought about how to adapt the portal for different types of schools (kindergarten, primary, secondary, art). It was very important to determine the structure of listed teaching professions including teaching qualifications, as well as other professions in the education field such as: janitor, accountant, cleaner and many others.

Credit payment system

For simplifying the process of publishing job ads

After considering a number of different payment methods for advertising, we decided to go for a system of pre-purchased credits. Unlike direct payments through a payment gateway, this solution provides more flexibility, especially when it comes to purchasing additional services, allocating bonus credits or possible refunds.

Simple registration

and data management

Registration, candidate profile and access to information

Registration is done by filling out a simple form, which saves the necessary information about education and practice in the applicant's profile. This profile then serves as a replacement for a conventional CV. Applicants can also register with Facebook and Google accounts for a faster registration process.

It is possible to set the accessibility of the provided information to schools and other facilities to the full or limited extent. This means that the profile will not appear in the list of recommended candidates for the selected schools. This option guarantees anonymity and discretion when looking for a new job and can be easily done by entering the ID number of the school or facility.

There is an optional feature that sends active job offers suitable for the candidate based on his/her preferences and location. These offers are sent to the user on a weekly basis.

Distance-based search

Besides the profession & teaching qualification based search, users can also search for jobs by distance from a given town or city. This option provides the much more convenient workflow than having to check the desired locations individually. To develop this feature, it was necessary to develop a process of automated conversion of school addresses to GPS coordinates .

This allowed us to display schools located within a given circle, determined by a specified radius (10 - 50 km) from the location. This function cannot only be used to search for offers in the vicinity of a user's residence, but also to search for a new school in the event of a change of residence. For location determination, we used PostGIS - an extension of the PostgreSQL object-relational database, which has additional support for geographic features and calculations.

Main advantages for schools and teachers over other advertising portals

  • Search based on a list of specialized professions / teaching qualification and their combinations (e.g. the position of a math and PE teacher in one person).
  • Filtering job advertisements with regard to specific types of schools (kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, primary art schools).
  • Swift search by entering a maximum distance from the entered location (range 10 - 50 km). This enables applicants to filter searched jobs that are within commuting distance.
  • Optional weekly notifications about new job offers meeting the criteria specified in the user's profile.
  • Matching potential candidates for the specified advertisement - if the candidates give their consent to display their profile, school principals or authorized persons will be able to search for and display the corresponding profiles of candidates, and contact them directly.
  • Option to hide the user profile to a specific institution based on its ID - useful option for users not wanting their profile to show up in their former employers' recommendations.
  • No need to upload a CV - all information about applicant’s education and experience is continuously added directly to the user profile.
  • A trial of up to two free ads for schools - the first registered schools will receive 10 free credits that they can use to enter up to two job ads.
  • Free credits for recommendation - if the school recommends the portal to another school facility after registration, it will receive a promo code redeemable as two credits. That means three recommendations can get the school one job ad placement for free.

"We are glad that we collaborated with COEX on the creation of the Job ve škole portal. It was a mutual creative collaboration rather than a typical client-contractor relationship, from which many good ideas emerged and were implemented. All work was done well and on time, communication during the process of creation was at a very good level."

Ing. Filip Karel, PhD.

Project manager at Top Priority

Launch of the portal and the first responses

Thanks to the specific focus of the portal, which was still lacking in the labor market, more than 60 schools registered during the first month after the launch.

Work on the project does not end with the launch of the portal. The client will now continue to create a network of registered schools, which will then expand spontaneously. The project will be supported through lectures and seminars for both students of pedagogical schools and school principals.

For us, the project was an interesting introduction to the world of education. Thanks to TOP Priority, this market has acquired a new portal for schools and teachers, which has the potential for further development.

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