Multisport How we developed a map application for 180,000 users with CRM integration that saves tens of hours per month

We have created a lucid map application that draws data from CRM Microsoft Dynamics. Users can find a badminton court or a Thai massage across Czech Republic and Slovakia in a few seconds. MultiSport employees manage data on 2,700 sports facilities from a single location, saving tens of hours per month.

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With what MultiSport addressed us and why

MultiSport has a CRM system with a lot of data about sports facilities - it contains, among other things, addresses, contact details, description of the services offered, category labels and photos. It also had a web application with a map in which users chose where to go for sports or relax after work.

Since CRM was not linked to the map application, MultiSport employees had to enter the same information in two places. Duplicate work took them a lot of time and the complexity increased due to the fact that the system did not allow changes in bulk - for example, if you wanted to add information that 30 partners added air conditioning to their facilities, you had to update it for 30 items, first in CRM, then in the application.

There were also gaps in the application itself. The user first filtered a category from the menu - for example, racquet sports. Only then did they see a map of tennis, squash and badminton courts in their area. If they didn't choose from the menu and decided to go to a pool instead, they had to filter from the beginning.

That's why MultiSport wanted to:

  • make the application easy to navigate,
  • allow continuous changes in filtering parameters, and
  • improve UX as a whole.

People from Multisport found out that we have experience with the integration of various IS and map applications, so they decided to contact us.

We would like a new sports facility search engine solution over the map. We want it to be linked to our existing website and CRM MS Dynamics, where we have the facilities. The goal of this integration should be to regularly update the data between MS Dynamics and the facility search engine so that we do not have to change the facility manually in both CRM and the search engine. Can you handle it? If so, let's meet and discuss the options.

Excerpt from the first email communication from MultiSport

About MultiSport

A network of employee benefits, supported by the multinational company Benefit Systems operating in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Greece, and other countries. MultiSport cardholders can visit the partner sports and relaxation facilities free of charge. Users will find a pool, yoga or gym via the web application with the map we created for MultiSport.

Logo Multisport
2 700+
sports facilities in the network
Czech and Slovak cities where the card is valid
180 000+
users in the Czech and Slovak Republic

At the beginning of the cooperation, we clarified the goals

Together with MultiSport, we defined the project assignment; from the end users' point of view, we primarily focused on two types of users:

  • a user who already has a MultiSport card and wants to quickly search for sports facilities in their area,
  • a newcomer who wants to get acquainted with the offer of sports facilities close to their home, work or, for example, cottage.

Together we defined the following goals:

  • it will be possible to change the search parameters simultaneously with the map view,
  • we will exchange map materials, instead of Google Maps, which are expensive with higher traffic, we will use map layers from of the same quality but free of charge,
  • we will create a data bridge and connect the application with CRM,
  • we will design a responsive solution so that the search works both on a computer and on a mobile phone,
  • we will create a simple administration that will allow data for multiple countries to be managed from one place in the future,
  • we will build the application to work in multiple languages.
Users can find a pool or gym in a few clicks, on their computer or mobile.
Users can find a pool or gym in a few clicks, on their computer or mobile.

Large-scale web application with integration always requires preparation and technical analysis

At COex, we care about developing software that effectively solves customer problems. In order to approach the project correctly, we specified the assignment by technical analysis and a feasibility study.

Before writing the first line of code, we made clear:

  • CRM connector and web application design, and
  • web application design.

Then we reached for proven technologies:

  • Python - the programming language we love. Applications such as Spotify, Instagram or Uber are created in it.
  • Open-source library K-means for Python to search and sort results by distance on the map.
  • Django web framework
  • JavaScript
  • Open-source library LeafLet for JavaScript allowing us to create interactive maps on mobile phones.

You can find out more about the tools and technologies we use at COex on the web technologies page.

python PostgreSQL python Leaflet

Smooth project progress thanks to agile development and coordination with the client

We involved MultiSport employees in the project team, including managers and specialists who will work with the application on a daily basis. In this way, we facilitated communication, speeded up decision-making and, above all, we always had control over the development of software that will work as it should.



MultiSport addressed us with the first request



start of development of a new map application



launch of a map application for MultiSport CR



analysis and development of a multidomain application for the Czech Republic and Slovakia



launch of a new map and Slovak sports facilities


To this day

project updates, server maintenance and monitoring

Workflow on the web application for MultiSport.

What can a map application integrated with CRM do?

  • We have developed a customised import module that automatically adds new CRM data to the map and updates obsolete data.
  • Users now search for sports facilities primarily on the map, which is more pleasant for them. They can see the list of partners in the sidebar.
  • The data is updated according to the section of the map that the user is currently viewing. This makes data retrieval brisker.
  • Thanks to smart filtering, users are able to more quickly find sports facilities with air conditioning, a partner offering activities for children, or can search by another key.
  • The autocomplete feature takes into account the current section of the map that the user is currently viewing.
  • When searching for a specific sports facility or city, the user does not retrieve information about other partners. This makes map retrieval faster.
  • If the type of sports facility you are looking for is missing in the given locality, the map will automatically zoom out and show the nearest partner offering the given service.

Web application that will grow with MultiSport

  • The architecture of the application enables operation on multiple domains (currently CZ/SK); MultiSport manages both language versions via one interface.
  • If MultiSport decides to expand to another country, the application architecture will allow expansion without high development costs.
  • The application distinguishes from which country (via which domain) the user is searching, and based on this data it will preferentially display sports facilities in the Czech Republic or in Slovakia.
If you browse the map from an IP address in the Czech Republic, you see sports venues in the Czech Republic by default, and vice versa - Slovaks see partners in Slovakia.
If you browse the map from an IP address in the Czech Republic, you see sports venues in the Czech Republic by default, and vice versa - Slovaks see partners in Slovakia.

Project results

We have created a functional web application in which MultiSport customers can easily find their sports facility - there are more than 2,700 of them in the database.

We have reversed the search logic. Instead of scrolling through the lists, users choose a sports facility from a map or activity catalogue. The map itself received a new base from, which is as good as the one from Google and more than that, is free. So everything is faster, more natural and cheaper.

Thanks to the connection with CRM, MultiSport saves tens of hours monthly when entering new sports facilities or editing existing ones.

One multi-domain application works for two countries - Czechia and Slovakia. The solution has at least two advantages. First: after expansion into a new market, Multisport will add a new country more easily. Second: we saved MultiSport costs of server operating and maintenance.

2 700+ sports facilities in the network
600+ Czech and Slovak towns
180 000+ users in the Czech and Slovak Republic

Cooperation with COEX has gone smoothly since the beginning. Thanks to extensive experience, they helped us define what such a map with a search engine should contain at the beginning of the project. The development itself was quick and flexible. Regular meetings on the current state of development were a matter of course.

Several minor or major modifications have been made since the project was launched. All service went smoothly and everything is always resolved quickly and efficiently. I also consider monitoring, which enables load monitoring and analysis, very helpful. We can respond quickly without limiting users.

Tomáš Wohlmuth, IT & CRM Administrator at MultiSport
Tomáš Wohlmuth,
IT & CRM Administrator at MultiSport

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