Why we love Slack?

Why we love Slack?

Why we love Slack?

Effective internal communication is surely an issue for many companies. In COEX, we have tried many different options over the years – from ICQ and Skype, through Google Hangouts and HipChat, to Jabber etc. Then we discovered Slack, and the problem has been solved – hopefully for a long time. Slack is very a simple and universal communicator, which offers many useful features.

At first, Slack was only an internal project of the Tiny Speck company, which used it to communicate when developing a software. However, the authors decided to present it to the world, and when Slack was officially released in August of 2013, it gained 8000 users within the first 24 hours of running. Slack currently has 2 million active users daily and keeps growing rapidly.

Slack is easy to use and works similarly to other communicators; discussions are separated into single-level threads, or communication channels. Everybody (or invited team members only) can communicate with each other in real time in the created channels designated for given topics. Aside from discussions in the communication channels, Slack also offers one-on-one chatting or private groups; external workers can be invited as well.

The application stands out because of its simple and intuitive controls; it offers an elaborate desktop user interface as well as excellent mobile applications. Moreover, it was developed in a time when people were already using multiple devices at once (laptop, tablet, phone), and so it fluently synchronizes everything among these devices. Other things that are amazing about Slack are the possibility to use the app within more teams (companies, organizations), detailed search, notification setting, elaborate API, detailed and fun statistics, comfortable file-sharing, and also the possibility of easily connecting it with many more tools such as Google Calendar, Twitter, Giphy, Dropbox, Trello, JIRA, Bitbucket, and almost anything you can imagine for that matter.

A well-known cliché says that simplicity is power; that is a hundred percent true for Slack and it doesn’t matter if it is used by a team of three people or an organization of hundreds of users. In COEX, we have sent over 10 thousand messages to each other in a team of twenty-four within the first month of using it, and that was only while testing it. It helps us lead projects and business operations, and switching to Slack has naturally also had an effect on the amount of sent internal emails, which has dropped by dozens of percent. We have also got rid of the usual problems with “forgetting the recipients” in email responses and complicated mailbox searches, and the internal communication of our company has become overall faster.

If you try out Slack, we believe you’ll love it, just like we do. You can use the application for free for unlimited time and with unlimited number of members – limit free versions have limited message history, they lack full text search, and they have a maximum of 5GB of space for saving files.

P.S. If you decide to try Slack out, you can click on this link http://coex.cz/slack/ and get $100 credit in case you decide to go for the paid version later.