International Fundraising Festival 2015

International Fundraising Festival 2015

Neorelationships Festival

At the end of April we were invited to do a workshop on the 5th International Fundraising Festival (official IFF 2015 website) organized by the Czech Fundraising Center. The event was held in Prague in Havlickuv park in the middle of Prague in the beautiful Grebovka building.

From the start of our company we cooperated with many NGO’s and we believe that knowledge sharing and synergy between the commercial and non-profit sector is one of the keys to a brighter future. So it was our pleasure to attend this event full of NGO’s professionals from all over the world and share some ideas and experience we had the luck to learn so far in the digital space.

Digital Trends and Takeaways for non Profits

Our presentation was trying to give an overview of what kind of current trends and tools are important in digital strategy planning in these days - and potentially can be used in the non-profit segment. We tried to provide a wide insight into what is happening online and which areas are important to cover while building or improving an organization’s or product’s internet presence. Although we are primarily a software development company, we couldn’t help ourselves and talked about singularity, content marketing, mobile, social innovation and our business innovator Jakub Stogr had a special intermezzo about his domain of interest - gamification and ways how to use it to build better products.

One of our conclusions from the IFF 2015 was a statement that the border between non-profit and commercial organization could be becoming... kind of fuzzy. On one side there are non profits (who can’t make profit by their nature) but they can (and they should!) be able to do business and sell things and services - to lower down their dependency on state and external funding. Actually, many non-profits are doing business to help cover the expenditures of their activities and that’s absolutely correct.

At the other end, there are a lot of private companies who invest all their income back into what they are doing too - we talked mainly about digital social innovation projects and start-ups with a socially responsible setup. If they make profit, they will invest it back to increase scope, longterm impact or influence others. In other worlds, NGO’s in the digital era can be very close to commercial companies and social innovation startups are with their philosophy and thinking not far away from the non-profit sphere.

We hope that we helped with our small part to inspire someone from the amazing attendees from this so important part of human society which non-profits undoubtedly are. The spirit of international collaboration was amazing and the networking between all participants was incredibly fruitful. Many thanks for inviting us goes to the czech non-profit and fundraising matador Jan Kroupa.

Fundraising festival Twitter hashtag was #neorelationships.

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