Cultivating People's Talents

Cultivating People's Talents

Talent Management Sessions

We believe that in software development, products and services are as good as the people who created them. Consequently, constant education and cultivation of people's natural abilities is essential and pushes forward not only the individuals but the whole company. That's why we decided to cooperate with Tomas Havrda, founder of the ICA knowledge center and business coach.

Web technologies are evolving quickly and while hiring, we focus to get in the team "A players" who are experts in their field, always passionate about what they do. But great results are not only about tech skills and enthusiasm. The bigger the team is, it's more about communication, synergy, strategic thinking, motivation, leadership and management. And this is exactly what talent management sessions are focused on - to grow management and leadership skills among the team.

Only the minority of developers want to stay coding their entire life and we believe that in many cases it is better to grow managers or senior executives from existing employees than hiring external people. And this is one of the main goals of Talent management, to help with the transition from owners leadership to managers leadership .

Each person is unique and even if all of us are technology geeks, everyone has different interests, values and dreams. This program should help each of us to evolve his potential, discover what we really want and where the biggest space for improvement is - all aligned with the values and vision of the company.

We started with a strategic workshop, a definition of a plan and particular targets we want to achieve. We have also drawn a company process map with definition of the company’s major financial flows and took a part in an employees classifying test. This helped to assign everyone to areas of personal development focus and prepare for potential future delegation of competencies and taking over more responsibilities.

In the following sessions Tomas has trained the team in the basics from management & business skills and introduced tools and metrics for risk evaluation and goal measurement. People have learnt how to create business plans for ideas they came up with and altogether - aligned with agile and lean approach - were constructively criticizing the projects of others. The Talent management sessions are still running and some of the projects might actually turn into real life spin offs. COEX will provide all the necessary support, funding or even investments if the project owner wants to. What is important is that all participants seem to be happy to get a chance to learn something new from areas outside their specialization, share and discuss their thoughts. So we call this win-win for the people and the company too.