Dublin Calling

Dublin Calling

Web Summit 2015

Dublin, November 3-5. 2015

Photo credit by Web Summit 2014

Photo credit by Web Summit 2014

750 Startups
1000 Speakers
30 000 Visitors

Is this the IT Glastonbury or what?!

We’ve never been at this huge tech conference before and we are incredibly excited that we are on the list this time. This event has grown up to something huge and with tens of thousands of visitors, it’s definitely a spectacle something worth seeing. And not only worth seeing, but we’ve also picked up one of our future-product ideas and signed up for ALPHA startup programme.

COEX is primarily a custom development software house, but we aim to own products as well. That’s why we support a lot the startup culture inside our company. Employees are motivated to generate ideas and some of their time is dedicated to working on their own projects. So, we’ve got a couple of interesting projects under the roof and it would be a shame to not share them with the world. The question was which one would be the most interesting? After some internal brain storming sessions, we’ve decided to leverage our hidden treasure that we have kept in the basement for some time.

The list of our internal startup ideas is long and always growing, but it soon became clear which one is the most resonating in our team. We are going to leverage our successful mapping projects and our condensed experience in building mapping solutions for communities. With more than 50 thousand app downloads of Swimplaces and +300k API calls in a month, it’s pretty popular, especially during summer hot months.

And the barrier free mapping project was awarded a couple of times and became the biggest wheelchair database in the country - yet there is no monetization at all (the best things in life are free right?). For us, it’s clear proof of the fact that digital mapping, crowdsourcing and location based data have still huge potential. Furthermore, every month we receive inquiries asking us if the mapping solution can be bended to serve different purposes. Once it was needed to map gluten free restaurants, other times dog shelters or the best ice cream shops, etc.

The software powering Swimplaces dates a couple of years back and isn’t meeting the requirements to be transformed to a universal mapping platform yet, meaning a complete rewrite will be needed. We want to build this from a scratch and offer it to everyone – ranging from individuals to non-government organizations to businesses. After the conducting an investigation of the market, we’ve found a couple of tools for mapping but none aims for public and leverages data crowd sourcing.

So we’ve decided to build new product called Mapotic, an universal mapping platform for everyone and on Web Summit, we want to generate feedback from the tech community and investors. And by the way, with our little demo at websummit.mapotic.com, we are going to map a few of Dublin bars too. See you on Web Summit Pub Crawl.

Digital mapping platform where an individual, community or business can create and crowd-source maps.

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