Czech MODX DAY #1

Czech MODX DAY #1

Czech MODX day #1

On Saturday 23. 3. 2013, COEX has organized the first official MODX event in the Czech Republic. We called it Czech MODX Day and advertised it organically in the Czech Community, on Czech MODX website and couple developer portals such as We have chosen for registration management. We aimed to have between 20 and 30 attendees. Before the day "D" had 28 confirmed registrations plus couple of more unconfirmed.

  • General introduction to MODX
  • MODXpo Utrecht echoes and state of MODX
  • Cooking in MODX - sample website development using cloud & responsive template
  • Custom modules development - an complex example of administration module for restaurant menu
  • Tele-conference with Ryan Trash
  • Networking

t was maybe thanks to beautiful weather and whole Saturday event but finally just around 20 people showed up on the place. First we were little disappointed and promised next time to charge for entry (people will harder change their mind just before the event) but later we were happy as it the lack of quantity was balanced with quality, one guy coming all the way from Slovakia. At the beginning we did small survey and found out that just one person was really new to MODX (greetings go to Syria!), most of the people were experienced MODXers, many of them developing in REVO but few still launching sites on EVO too. Some of developers are also creating own custom modules and we were pleased to discuss it and exchange experience.

We had great feedback and believe that thanks to f2f meet up the core of Czech community become more active. In general we proofed that we can organize developers event, we organized workshops and gave talks in the front of (yet small but tech) audience, whole event was inspiring so much and especially in the evening we had great discussions about MODX, new technologies, universe and about fish, of course.

We created a twitter hashtag for the event where you can see some bits and pieces dropped during the event.  Thanks to all who came, EthnoCatering for great food serverd, to Node5 for providing us with beautiful place. And biggest thanks go to great crew for amazing open source product they have created!