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About COEX

We are COEX. Condensed experience. Established in 2006 by UI/UX designers, software developers, analysts and tech geeks. All open-minded deep thinkers, passionate about challenges and top-notch technology.

We live by custom development, bringing smart and innovative solutions, using our extensive technical knowledge gained in diverse segments.

As a progressive software company, we are a part of the start-up scene. We either founded our own projects or invested into promising ones. Not everything had a hollywood ending, but in start-up world without fails there is no success.

We also put our energy into helping a positive change in the world around us. We have helped many socially responsible projects, supporting various NGOs, art projects or schools.


We don’t always deliver what the client originally wanted,
but we always deliver what their business actually needs.


Enthusiasm for innovation, non-stop improvement and sharing of knowledge is in our blood. And we mean it. We’ll never stop learning and sharing know-how because we believe that is the way our industry and the whole society move forward.

We have our values, we live them and we want to share the way we approach the world. It's no bullshit, it's part of our DNA.

Core values and key principles
COEX No-bullshit statement

More backends, SW integrations, IoT & innovative startups!
COEX founders moved to advisory board and focus on products development.
Mapotic gets VC funding & spins off COEX to launch globally.
Mapotic ends up 3rd from competition of 200 at Vodafone idea of the year.
New CEO and focus on mid to large scale custom SW apps.
Introducing Melvis, an information system for service teams in health care segment.
Working on Mapotic & solutions for vacation rental and medical segment.
Working on Netflix-like online streaming platform for CEE region.
Refreshed team and sharpened focus complex Django - Angular RESTful apps.
Introduced concept of Mapotic platform at WebSummit.
Member of prestigious internet solution providers Asociace.biz.
We moved into beautiful new offices and hired new talents!
Our project VozejkMap won golden award at Czech Donors Forum & silver in Open Data contest.
We became outsourcing partners to top US and Canadian agencies.
Launched own open-source platform OpeNode for Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.
We organized the first MODX event in Central and Eastern Europe.
First place TaxiClub and awards for apps WheelChair and Zapadluj.cz.
We became official partner of Escapia USA Rental software specialist.
We conquered Silicon Valley with Vacation Rental BOOSTER startup!
Internet Effectiveness Awards for crowd sourced Swimplaces.
We relaunched Exapro and Hranipex portals with +200k monthly users.
Fighting political corruption & influencing national elections by building and financing ChangePolitics portal.
Strategic partnership with MODX LLC, refocusing purely on web technologies.
Created and donated Social Responsible projects, introduced own e-commerce platform.
Building the first startup – Digital Urban Legends, a unique pocket navigator evolutioned into Minos Guide (5 years in top ten Pragues App).
First offices in Prague, 12 fulltime people in-house.
The first international clients, analysts and IA specialists on board. We got Microsoft certification.
Building own CMS, programming teams on PHP, Python, .NET, C# and a few more.
The story begins as a network of talented web developers and designers.

Appreciated and supported

In our work we always try to participate at the meaningful projects and help where it is needed. There are examples of NGO's and projects we like and support. Let us know about your project.